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Source: Watershed Watch Salmon Society

Salmon in B.C. Face Serious Issues For Survival

Are you curious about what is done to protect our Salmon fish species? Find answers and learn what the Watershed Watch Salmon Society are doing. They are a good advocate for the Salmon fish species in trouble. 

Through-out the province of British Columbia, wild Salmon struggle to overcome infection and disease and parasite’s. People and nature are responsible for the management in Salmon stocks.

Over-fishing by commercial vessels, and the growth in recreational fishing, are part of the reasons some salmon runs have declined. 

Watershed watch are doing a good work to bring us the facts. Disasters in our oceans and pollution in our waters, all have damaged and hurt the Salmon runs.

Watershed watch communicate with the officials. They open dialogue to create or find solutions to protecting the existing salmon.  Farm fishing sounds like a potential disaster for all wild salmon stocks. The scientists say farmed fishing is spreading diseases which infects our main food fish species.

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