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During the next few fishing seasons ahead the DFO are needing to close some Salmon species. This means NO RETAINING CHINOOK SALMON NOW. Instead we must catch and immediately release them. April 1st. to July 31 most southern Pacific ocean waters in BC area shut down for keeping the Chinook salmon.

Captain Brent charter’s his 32 foot 1979 Trojan sport fishing boat. She is named “Mariah” and based at Stone’s Marina in Nanaimo.

Captain Brent and myself provide fishing charters. Both our boat’s work well providing a stable fishing  platform. The Mariah stays based in Nanaimo.  The MyBabeToo can be moved easily. I can tow her to the west coast, reaching more abundant fishing areas.

The issue’s with fishing on the west coast are the winds blow and the rain hits hard. Also another more serious effect is the waves and rollers. Some people need to overcome loss of balance or sea sickness when planning to fish on the open Pacific ocean.

Captain Brent and me work well together on our boats. Both boats are  comfortably equipped.  Mariah has features which include a large galley and apartment sized fridge. A stove with an oven, hot & cold pressure water, private washroom with electric flush toilet. Spacious amount of seating room inside and out. Our goal is to provide quality comfortable fishing charters for family’s and groups of ten or less.

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