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FISH-ON CHARTERS located at Stones Marina & RV Park

# 14 – 1690 Stewart Ave. Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. V9S-4E1


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Hello I’m Captain Al, Cell # 1-250-619-7008. Thank you for submitting the booking form. Once it arrives I need time to go over it. I check into the regulations for the area and water currents, plus weather if possible. Then I call to confirm your charter. No deposit is proccessed until we confirm your time and date.

We will setup a time and date. Also discuss what is required for each person going on the charter. Plus where to meet and what to bring. Parking your vehicle is sometimes a challenge. They have old ticket machines for the designated visitor parking areas only. You’ll need quarters for the ticket machines.

I’ll follow up with an email to you with an itinerary and reciept of deposit.

Please note the following :

  • All guests are required to purchase a current tidal waters sport fishing license with the Salmon Tag.

  • At the time you buy a fishing license you must produce 2 pieces of identification. A valid driver’s license or government ID card or travel passport or citizenship papers.

  • Canadian citizens can purchase their fishing license using the DFO online service.

  • Each guest must carry their fishing license on them, when recreational fishing.

  • A catch record is recorded onto the license as per the current fishing regulations. It must be maintained and recorded at the time of your catch. This is for Salmon and LingCod you keep.

  • Non-Canadian citizens must obtain their tidal waters fishing license from a vendor. Canadian Tire or Cabelas are a good choice. It might cost you more for the printing of your license. Plus you must buy a Salmon stamp, which you must purchase, for any legal Salmon we choose to retain.

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