Rockfish harvesters guilty of multiple violations

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Source: Three rockfish harvesters found guilty of numerous violations under the Fisheries Act and handed significant penalties –

On November 16, 2022, the British Columbia (B.C.) Provincial Court found Da Zhou, Zhao Chen, and Ngai Chau guilty of significant violations under the Fisheries Act. These include the obstruction of justice and violations of recreational fishing regulations involving rockfish and Lingcod.

The Honourable Justice Mrozinski delivered her sentence by prohibiting the three men from fishing for a year. She also ordered them to pay a total of $17,500 in combined fines. Also she instructed that all of the defendants’ associated gear involved in the violations be forfeited to the Crown. These include rods, reels, and lures, at an estimated value of $1,000.00. 

BC Tidal Waters Zones & D.F.O. Sport Fishing Regulations.

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BC Tidal Waters Zones & D.F.O. Sport Fishing Regulations.

Click on the link for the area you are planning to fish to get current regulations and limits. Not sure which tidal area you are in? Check out the DFO maps.

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Looking for good prawning areas? Be sure to check out the Prawning regulations for your area?

Source: First time fishing for Prawns? What you need to know when heading out on the Pacific tidal waters –

Most guides are professional skilled and trained to know their job. Most professional guides are Transport Canada licensed and commercial insured. We study hard to know the regulations and stay informed in the commercial development of the regulations of our industry. 


BC tidal waters current fishing regulations

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BC tidal waters current fishing regulations:

Changes to the regulations which include closures for salmon species and ground fish Cod species.

British Columbia have 37 species of rockfish. They are caught in fisheries off the coast, plus inshore rockfish species.

This includes: Yelloweye, Quillback, Copper, China, and Tiger. These fish are normally caught with a hook and line gear, in rocky reef habitats.

Monitoring and research programs in B.C. indicate that inshore rockfish are at low levels of abundance. This is especially within the inland waters of Vancouver Island, 

Fisheries and Oceans Canada needs your help. We are working to protect and conserve inshore rockfish.

In 2002 the D.F.O. started the “catch restrictions” and “fishery monitoring” and created “stock assessment programs”. The D.F.O. implemented (Rockfish Conservation Areas,RCAs) which are established throughout the B.C. coast.

Department of Fisheries & Oceans (D.F.O.)

The Rockfish Conservation Area’s make inshore rockfish protected from all mortality associated with recreational and commercial fisheries.

Rockfish Conservation Areas:

Rockfish Conservation Area Overview

Pacific salmon:

Chum salmon


  • Salmon are iconic to BC coastal and inland waters, connecting communities across the region.
  • DFO strive to ensure healthy, diverse salmon populations continue to produce.
  • Monitoring our ocean for sustaining aquatic ecosystems.