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Link to the D.F.O. Rec Tidal Waters Fishing Licensing

ALL GUESTS must purchase a current tidal water fishing license. It must also have a current Salmon stamp. You must carry the printed copy of your new fishing license, while fishing in B.C. Tidal Waters. You must also comply with all the conditions written on your new fishing license. Such as recording the species caught and retained by the fisher. It must be of legal size. It must be a legal species. Your charter guide knows these species and regulations for whatever fish you want to keep.

License costs vary based on the age and residency of the fisher, as well as the terms of the licence, which may range from one day to one year.

Tidal Waters Sport Fishing licence fees (price’s do not include the GST)

2023/2024 Licence fees:

Licence type & durationFee: residentFee: non-resident
Annual licence, Adult (16-64 years of age)$21.89$105.28
Annual licence, Senior (65 years of age and over)$11.47$105.28
Annual licence, Juvenile (under 16 years of age)FreeFree
5 day licence$16.68$32.31
3 day licence$11.47$19.81
1 day licence$5.48$7.29
Salmon Conservation Stamp (annual)$6.25$6.25
A Canadian resident is an individual who normally lives in Canada. Proof of residency may be requested. A non-resident is anyone who does not live in Canada. All posted prices do not include taxes.

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  1. So if I’m coming to BC from Ontario and am a Canadian citizen, what lexactly do I need to go on a fishing charter for salmon for 1/2 a day of fishing?

    1. Hi Pete, thank you for this enquiry. First you want to check if the place you are fishing is open to catch fish. We have different closures in place through-out the coastal areas. Once you find out if the area and species you are fishing for are open, then you need to book a charter. Be sure to buy your license for the day you are fishing on. Be sure you include to buy the salmon tag. If you intend to keep a legally allowed salmon when caught. Do not buy your license until on or close to the day of your charter. High winds can cause the charter guide to cancel or change the date. Also at times things change. The boat may have issues (very rare) or other things arise like species closures. I hope this helps.

    1. Hi Joe it might be allowed. Just try to reprint your current licence and see if the DFO let you proceed? Then if not you my need to approach a vendor who can verify your ID and request to let a reprint copy be provided.

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